Our services are comprised of:

  • Identifying and monitoring legislation, regulations and policies
    affecting our clients

  • Developing strategy, and guiding drafting and selection of
    legislative sponsors of bills promoted by our clients

  • Advocating for or against proposed or existing laws or legislation,
    involving regular contact with members of the legislature, and other
    elected officials

  • Coordinating communication between our clients and legislative
    officials and appearances involving testifying before state agencies,
    legislative committees, and other relevant hearings

  • Gathering and distributing research information, such as, but not
    limited to, economic impact studies, demographic studies, and
    comparisons of existing legislation in other states, cities, or
    counties, as it relates to our clients

  • Monitoring and advising on litigation proceedings

  • Providing written summaries and oral presentations of actions and
    developments regarding our clients’ interests

  • Monitoring, advising, and advocating city and county government
    proposals and rulings which impact our clients

  • Coordinating and participating in foreign trade, environmental and
    public safety missions

  • Exploring, evaluating and proposing new ventures to clients

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